2023 i)     With the commissioning of Interregional Link: “765 kV D/C, Warora – Warangal (New) Transmission Line (665 ckm) implemented by M/s Adani Energy Solutions Limited Interregional capacity has increased by 4200 MW in Oct’ 2023. It is now 1,16,540 MW.

ii)     Following important EHV lines have been commissioned:

a. 765 kV D/C, Lakadia - Vadodara Transmission line (670 ckm) implemented by M/s Sterlite, commissioned in Jan’2023.

b. 765 kV D/C, Hyderabad – Kurnool Transmission Line (335 ckm) implemented by M/s Adani Energy Solutions Limited commissioned in July’2023.

c. 765 kV D/C, Warangal (New) – Hyderabad Transmission Line (268 ckm) implemented by M/s Adani Energy Solutions Limited in Sep’2023.

d. 400 kV, 2xD/c, Bikaner-II PS – Khetri line (1102 ckm) implemented by PGCIL, commissioned in June’2023.

e. 400 kV D/C, Warangal (New) – Chilakaluripeta Transmission Line (392 ckm) implemented by M/s Adani Energy Solutions Limited in Sep’2023.

f. 400 kV D/C, Koppal PS- Narendra (New) Transmission Line (276 ckm) implemented by M/s ReNew Transmission Venture Private Limited in Oct’2023.

g. 400 kV D/C Lower Subhansiri - Biswanath Chariyali line -II (371 ckm) under Part C of North East / Northern Western Interconnector -I Project in Dec’2023.

Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) approved the project “Green Energy Corridor (GEC) Phase-II – Inter-State Transmission System (ISTS) for 13 GW Renewable Energy Project in Ladakh”. The project is targeted to be set up by FY 2029-30 with total estimated cost of Rs. 20,773.70 crore and Central Financial Assistance (CFA) @ 40% of project cost i.e. Rs.8,309.48 crore for the project. POWERGRID has been assigned as an implementing agency for this project.

765KV, D/C, Dharamjaygarh Pool section B - Raigarh (Tamnar) Pool line (G-TTPL-TBCB) (137CKM) implemented by SGL, commissioned in Jun’22.
400KV, D/C, Jeerat (New) - Subhasgram (PM-JTL-TBCB) (214 CKM) implemented by PGCIL, commissioned in Aug’22.
All 13 REMs assigned to POWERGRID are now operational. 
  • POWERGRID Infrastructure Investment Trust (PGInvIT): 1stInvIT sponsored by a CPSE and largest public offer by any InvIT/ REIT of ₹ 7,734.99 crore successfully launched by POWERGRID.
  • Bipole-I (3000 MW) of ±800 kV Raigarh - Pugalur HVDC transmission line commissioned.
  • First time in India, Voltage Source Convertor (VSC) Technology: Monopole 1 & 2 of ±320kV VSC based HVDC terminals and associated ± 320 kV HVDC Pugalur - North Thrissur transmission line.
  • Raigarh and Pugalur Station HVDC Terminal pole-II commissioned in Mar’21
  • 765 kV D/C Vindhyachal - Varanasi Inter-regional line commissioned in July’21
  • 11 REMCs dedicated to the nation by Hon’ble MoSP (I/c) in Feb’20.
  • Transmission system associated with GEC-I completed by Mar’20.
  • Transmission system associated with Solar Ultra Mega Power Projects completed by June’20.
  • 765 kV D/C Chilkaluripeta – Cudappah line commissioned in Jan’20
  • 765 kV D/C Vemagiri – Chilakaluripeta line commissioned in Jan’20
  • Pole 4 of Champa and Kurukshetra HVDC Station commissioned in Mar’20
  • 800 kV HVDC Raigarh (HVDC stn) - Pugalur (HVDC stn) Bipole Link (3531 Ckm) has been commissioned in Sept’20
  • Raigarh and Pugalur Station HVDC Terminal (Pole-I) charged in Sept’20
  • POWERGRID declared as Maharatna CPSU in Oct’19.
  • Srinagar-Leh Transmission System (SLTS) commissioned in Jan’19.
  • Pole 3 of Champa and Kurukshetra HVDC Station commissioned in Nov’19


  • 765 Jabalpur-Orai- Aligarh D/C IR System commissioned in Mar’18
  • Guidelines for Import/Export (Cross Border) of Electricity issued in Dec'18


  • 765 kV D/c Nizamabad-Hyderabad commissioned in July'17
  • + 800 kV Champa-Kurukshetra HVDC Bipole-I, commissioned in Sep.’17
  • + 800kV Alipurduar-Agra HVDC Bipole, commissioned in Sep’17  


NER directly connected with NR. The longest 6000 MW HVDC line (±800 kV) from Bishwanath Chariali in NER to Agra in NR for dispersal of power from NER to NR/WR


The Southern Grid synchronously connected with rest of all-India grid in December, 2014 through S/C 765 kV Raichur- Solapur line

2013 The Southern Grid synchronously connected with rest of all-India grid in December, 2014 through S/C 765 kV Raichur- Solapur line


Implementation of Point-Of-Connection (PoC) based method for sharing transmission charges and losses all across the country.


Notification of POSOCO – as a separate entity for operation of RLDCs and NLDC


  • NR also synchronously interconnected with WR through Agra- Gwalior 765 kV S/C line-1 operated at 400 kV level (besides interconnection of NR-ER)
  • 765 kV operation of Sipat Substation
  • 765 kV operation of 765 kV transmission lines


Synchronous inter-connection of NR with ER-NER-WR system led to the formation of NEW grid (with commissioning of Muzaffarpur-Gorakhpur 400 kV D/C line, the Northern Region also got interconnected to this system making an upper India system having the NR-WR-ER-NER system


Open access in transmission


  • Electricity Act 2003 
  • ABT with real time settlement mechanism implemented in all the five electrical regions creating the basic infrastructure for the operation of an electricity market.
  • Western Region was interconnected to ER-NER system synchronously through 400 kV Rourkela-Raipur D/C line and thus the Central India system consisting of ER-NER-WR came in to operation Bulk inter-regional HVDC transmission system (Talcher– Kolar HVDC link- 2000 MW)


Transmission planning re-oriented towards all-India System


Introduction of 765 kV transmission line (initially charged at 400 kV)


Introduction of HVDC bi-pole line


The Eastern Region and the North-Eastern Region were synchronously interconnected through the Birpara- Salakati 220 kV D/C transmission line


Growth of Regional Grid Systems as Associated Transmission System with Central Sector Generation


Development of HVDC back-to-back System


Introduction of 400 kV voltage level


Interconnection of State Grids to form Regional Grid Systems


Constitution of Regional Electricity Boards for integrated operation of grid at regional level


Growth of State Grids and introduction of 220 kV voltage level


Electricity (Supply) Act- 1948. The Act provided for establishment of the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) and the State Electricity Boards