Power Grid

Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (POWERGRID), a Schedule ‘A’, ‘Maharatna ' Company operating under Ministry of Power, is engaged in bulk transmission of power through its EHVAC (upto 765 kV level) and ±800/±500kV HVDC transmission network. POWERGRID is a listed Company, with 51.34% holding of Government of India and balance by Institutional Investors & public.
POWERGRID, as on 31st October 2022, owns & operates around 1,73,720 ckm of Extra High Voltage (EHV) transmission lines spread over the length and breadth of the country and 269 EHV AC & HVDC Sub-stations with transformation capacity of 4,89,912 MVA. The availability of this huge transmission network is consistently maintained over 99% through the deployment of state-of-the-art operation & maintenance techniques at par with global standards.
During FY 2021-22, POWERGRID has achieved a turnover of about Rs. 42,335.87 crore and Net Profit of Rs. 17,093.76 crore. As on 31.03.2022 Gross Fixed Assets of the company have also grown to Rs. 2,49,954crore.
POWERGRID being one of the largest transmission utilities in the world, is playing a strategic role in the development of the Indian power sector and has proved its capabilities through timely execution of large & critical transmission projects. POWERGRID has implemented Inter-State Transmission Systems to facilitate integration of large-scale Renewable Energy (RE) generation capacity of about 6 GW in eight (8) RE resource rich states viz. Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. To facilitate integration of seven (7) solar parks in Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat & Karnataka, POWERGRID has implemented inter-State Transmission system for evacuation of about 6.5 GW of solar based renewable energy. Also, POWERGRID has implemented Renewable Energy Management Centers (REMCs), at 13 locations, to facilitate generation forecasting and dispatch scheduling of RE generation. A strong and vibrant National Grid has already been established in the country and is being continuously augmented/strengthened to facilitate growing power transmission requirement with reliability. The cumulative inter-regional power transfer capacity of the national grid has been enhanced to 112,250 MW of which about 97,290 MW capacity has been implemented by POWERGRID & its JV. Further, inter-regional power transfer capacity of the national grid is likely to be enhanced to about 118,000 MW by year 2023.
The Company has an excellent credit rating with financial institutions, thereby, is placed in a comfortable position in terms of resource mobilization. Conserving Right-of-Way (RoW), minimizing the impact on natural resources, coordinated development of cost effective transmission corridors and flexibility in up gradation of transfer capacity of lines matching with power transfer requirements are major areas of concern in the development of transmission networks in the country. In this direction, the Company has been working on higher transmission voltages of ±800 kV HVDC & 1200 kV UHVAC. 
POWERGRID has diversified into telecom business under the brand name ‘POWERTEL’ by installing overhead optic fiber network using OPGW (Optical Ground Wire), leveraging its existing countrywide transmission infrastructure. 
POWERGRID is providing a range of services under its Unified License as National Long Distance (NLD), International Long Distance (ILD) and Internet Service Provider – Category ‘A’ (ISP- ‘A’) service authorizations like point-to-point leased line bandwidth services, Internet Leased line, Tower co-location, MPLS based IP-VPN, SD-WAN, DDoS etc. in all parts of the country through its Pan India high capacity network.
During FY 22-23 (Upto October 2022), POWERGRID’s telecom network coverage increased to 76,712 km and the telecom backbone availability for the year was 99.99%. 
Further, POWERGRID has incorporated a Wholly Owned Subsidiary i.e POWERGRID TELESERVICES LIMITED on dated 25.11.2021 to undertake Telecommunications and Digital Technology Business of POWERGRID.
Presently, various electrical interconnections exist between India & Bhutan, India & Nepal and India & Bangladesh. Further, the interconnection between India & Bhutan, India & Nepal and India & Bangladesh are being strengthened for a substantial exchange of power across borders.
POWERGRID has footprints in 23 countries worldwide with a strong presence in South    Asia and Africa. POWERGRID is presently providing consultancy services in Nepal, Uganda, Fiji & Moldova. POWERGRID signed Cooperation Agreement with Africa50 to implement transmission system in Tanzania.