Central Power Research Institute (CPRI)

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Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) was established by the Government of India in 1960. CPRI is an autonomous Society under the Ministry of Power, Government of India. The Institute has several Research and Testing laboratories engaged in different specialized fields. The headquarters of the Institute is in Bangalore and its Units are located at Bhopal, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Noida, Kolkata.  Units in Nasik and Raipur are also being established.


Activities of CPRI

  • Applied Research in electrical power engineering
  • Testing & Certification of Power equipment
  • Consultancy and Field testing services to Power Utilities and Industry
  • Third Party Inspection and Vendor Analysis
The Bhopal Unit has exclusive facilities for Testing Transformers and Switchgears. The Unit at Hyderabad focuses on Ultra High Voltage Research and evaluation while Unit at Nagpur offers consultancy to solve problems faced by the Thermal Power sector. The Unit at Noida has facilities for testing Low and Medium Voltage equipment and caters to the requirement of Northern region. The Units at Kolkata and Guwahati, have facilities for testing Transformer oil.
  • CPRI is accredited by NABCB to carry out Product Certification in accordance with ISO/IEC 17065. NABCB, QCI, INDIA is a member of  International Accreditation Forum (IAF),  International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC)  & Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC)  as well as signatory to its MRAs for Product Certification 
  • ISO/IEC 17025:  2005 accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) – Traceable to international bodies like International Laboratory Accreditation Co-operation (ILAC) and Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Co-operation (APLAC)
  • Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
  • ISO 9001Certification for Research and Consultancy activities
  • Member of the Short Circuit Testing Liaison (STL)
  • Corporate member on DLMS UA (Device Language Message Specification User Association) and UCA IUG (Utility Communication Architecture International User Group)
  • Approved by INMETRO Brazil as a third party testing laboratory for Brazil Energy Labeling Program on transformers
  • Approved by Electricity Water Authority (EWA), Kingdom of Bahrain – Electricity Distribution Directorate (EDD) as an Independent Testing and Certification Body.
  • Association with Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) for testing of LV equipment
  • Association with TUV Rheinland India Pvt. Ltd. for testing and certification
Research & Development
CPRI promotes applied Research leading to technology development in Power Sector. With the State-of-the-art infrastructure, CPRI has been carrying out R&D in the areas of electrical Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution in the endeavor to assist the Power Utilities to supply reliable, uninterrupted, safe and quality power to the consumers at affordable cost. The Center for Collaborative & Advanced Research (CCAR) has been established with the aim of creating a conducive environment for collaborative research between R&D Institutions, Industry and Academia.
  • In-House R&D (IHRD)
  • Research Schemes on Power (RSoP)
  • Research Project under National Perspective Plan (NPP)

CPRI also coordinates and monitors Uchchatar Avishkar Yojana (UAY) and Impacting Research Innovation and Technology (IMPRINT) under MoE, where MoP is a stakeholder.

The Ministry of Power and the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy have jointly launched a National Mission to quickly identify emerging technologies in the power sector and develop them indigenously, at scale, for deployment within and outside India. The National Mission, titled “Mission on Advanced and High-Impact Research (MAHIR)” aims to facilitate indigenous research, development and demonstration of the latest and emerging technologies in the power sector. CPRI provides all necessary secretarial assistance for the National Mission.

Testing and Evaluation:
CPRI has built up expertise to cater to the entire gamut of services required by Power Sector covering Generation, Transmission and Distribution under one roof. CPRI houses unique facilities for evaluation of EHV/UHV equipment going into the 800kV/1200kVsystem. Test facilities have been created for:
  • High Power Short Circuit testing of Transformers/Switchgears
  • Transmission line Tower & accessories, Vibration studies
  • Power Cables, Capacitors
  • Material characterization including CRGO, Transformer oil
  • Insulators & Lightning Arresters
  • Relays, Energy meters, Smart Meters, Phasor Measurement Unit
  • Refrigerators and Air Conditioners
  • LED Lamps, Solar PV Lanterns and Home Lighting Systems, Solar PV Modules, Grid Tied SPV Inverters, Solar Pumps, Induction Motors 
  • Security Conformance Test facilities for RTUs
The Institute has expertise for Seismic Qualification of electrical equipment, Real Time Digital Simulator for Power Systems Studies and Communication Protocol for Power System Automation. 
Consultancy Services
CPRI offers consultancy in the areas of:
  • Diagnostic & Condition Monitoring of HV substation and Power plant electrical equipment, Site testing of Transformer oil
  • Power System Studies, Real Time Simulation of Power System Controls, Protection Audit - Generating stations and substations, Grid integration of Renewables – Wind and Solar, Power Quality Studies -Harmonic Filter design, Protection coordination studies/Equipment setting calculations
  • RLA and R&M of Thermal & Hydro Power Plants, Failure analysis of industrial and plant components, Performance assessment of coal mills and cooling towers, In-situ oxide scale measurement in Super Heater and Re-heater tubes, Non-destructive evaluation of Thermal Power Station plant equipment, Corrosion mapping of water wall tubes of Boilers
  • Energy Efficiency Services like Energy Audit, Fuel Audit of Thermal Power Stations, training services in Plant Optimization for Thermal Power Stations
  • Power System Automation/Distribution Automation, Smart Grid
  • Pollution Mapping
  • The Institute offers Third Party Inspection Services and Vendor Assessment for Utilities. CPRI is also offering its services for programmes initiated by Government of India.

Services for Overseas Customers

CPRI has been addressing the electrical equipment testing requirements of Overseas countries like UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, Kenya, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Korea, Japan, UK, USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Israel etc.

Besides the Certification, Consultancy and Training services are also utilized by the Utilities and Industries of overseas countries.

For further details, please surf the website of CPRI at : https://cpri.res.in