Interconnection with neighbouring countries

India, being centrally placed in South Asian region and sharing political boundaries with SAARC countries, namely, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, is playing a major role in facilitating planning of interconnections with these countries for effective utilization of regional resources. India has developed expertise in implementation of HVDC and UHVAC projects and it will be a privilege to connect all the neighbouring countries electrically through HVDC/UHVAC transmission lines. This shall give rise to mutual cooperation amongst neighbouring nations and lead to prosperity and energy security in the region. India is already having interconnections with SAARC countries as is enlisted below:

India – Nepal

Nepal is already radially interconnected with India at various places through 11kV, 33kV, 132kV, and 220kV lines. For transfer of bulk power, interconnection between India and Nepal through Dhalkebar (Nepal) - Muzaffarpur (India) 400kV D/C transmission line (operated at 220kV voltage level) is under operation.  About 550MW of power can be supplied to Nepal through these interconnections.

With the operation of Muzaffarpur – Dhalkebar link at 400kV, about 950 MW power can be transferred to Nepal.  

India – Bhutan 

India and Bhutan already have existing arrangements mainly for import of about 1350MW power from Tala HEP (1020MW), Chukha HEP (336MW), and Kurichu HEP(60MW) in Bhutan to India through 400kV, 220kV and 132kV lines, respectively.

For evacuation of power from various upcoming Hydro Electric Power plants (HEPs) in Bhutan like Punatsangchu-I (1200MW), Punatsangchu-II (990MW) & Mangdechu(720MW) HEPs, two no. 400kV D/C (quad) cross border interconnection lines are under implementation and expected to be completed progressively by 2019. With the commissioning of these links, the power transfer between Bhutan and India would be enhanced to about 4250MW.

Power from above HEPs in Bhutan and NER projects would be transferred to other part of India through high capacity ±800kV, 6000MW Biswanath Chariali – Alipurduar – Agra Multi-terminal HVDC bipole line.

India – Bangladesh

A high capacity interconnection between India and Bangladesh exists through Baharampur (India) – Bheramara (Bangladesh) 400kV D/C line along with 2x500MW HVDC back-to-back terminal at Bheramara. Additional 400kV (operated at 132kV) interconnection from Surajmaninagar in Tripura in India to Comilla in Bangladesh has been implemented. These interconnections cumulatively facilitate transfer of power of the order of 1200MW to Bangladesh.

Further, Baharampur (India) – Bheramara (Bangladesh) 400kV D/C 2nd line and 400kV operation of Surajmaninagar (Tripura) – North Comilla (Bangladesh) cross-border link along with 500MW HVDC Back-to-Back terminal at North Comilla is under implementation. With commissioning of these links, the power transfer capacity between Bangladesh and India would be enhanced to about 1540MW.

Another high capacity India-Bangladesh interconnection viz. Katihar (India) – Parbotipur (Bangladesh) – Bornagar (India) line is under discussion.

India – Sri Lanka

An interconnection from Madurai (India) to New Habarana (Sri Lanka) is under discussion between the two countries.

In addition to the above, a small radial interconnection also exists between India and Myanmar.