Know your Minister

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Piyush  Goyal  (53)  is  the  Minister  of  State  with  Independent  Charge  for  Power,  Coal,  New  &  Renewable  Energy  and Mines in  the Government  of  India.  He  is  currently  a  Member  of  Rajya  Sabha and was earlier the National Treasurer of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He headed the BJP's   Information   Communication   Campaign   Committee   and   oversaw   the   publicity   and advertising  campaign  of  the party  including  the social  media  outreach  for  the  Indian  General Elections  2014.  He  has  had  a brilliant  academic record-all-India second  rank  holder  Chartered Accountant  and  second  rank  holder  in  Law in  Mumbai University. He  was  a  well-known investment banker  and  he  has  advised  top  corportes  on  management  strategy  and  growth. He earlier served on the Board of India’s largest commercial bank, the State Bank of India and Bank of  Baroda.  He  has  participated in Leadership  Programs  at  Yale  University  (2011), Oxford University (2012) and Princeton University (2013) and is currently pursuing the Owner/President Management  (OPM)  Program  at Harvard  Business  School.  During  his  30  year  long  political  career, he has held several important positions at different levels in the BJP and is in the National Executive  of  the  Party.  He  had  the  privilege  of being  mentored  by  stalwarts  such  as  Shri  Atal  Bihari Vajpayee, former Prime Minister of India. He was also nominated by the Government of India to the prestigious Task Force for Interlinking of Rivers in 2002. His father Late Vedprakash Goyal  was  Union Minister  of  Shipping  and  the  National  Treasurer  of  the  BJP  for  over  two  decades. His  mother  Chandrakanta  Goyal  was elected  thrice  to  the  Maharashtra  Legislative  Assembly from Mumbai. He is married to Seema, an active social worker and has two children – Dhruv, working in New York, and Radhika, studying at Harvard University, USA.
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